Zone AO

Eliminating or Lowering Flood Insurance Requirements in an "AO" Flood Zone

1) Determine if the subject structure is located within the Special Flood Hazard Area. Do so by examining the effective Flood Insurance Rate Map that includes the subject property. If all parts of the structure are located outside of the SFHA boundary, then the Federal mandate for insurance does not apply. Despite this, a lender can demand flood insurance even when there is no Federal mandate to do so. This is not common however, since an affected property owner has the option of refinancing with a lender who would not require it.

2) If any part of the insurable structure is located within the mapped "AO" boundary, hire Alaco to determine if it can be removed by seeking a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA). Alaco will visit the site and acquire the necessary information to determine LOMA eligibility. If it's determined that the structure is eligible for removal, authorize Alaco to proceed with the processing and filing of a LOMA request.

3) If the structure is within the AO boundary, but is not eligible to be removed, consider having Alaco prepare an Elevation Certificate