• Elevation Surveys

Elevation Surveys

Alaco can survey grade and floor elevations as needed for Map Change Requests, proper insurance rating, and building permits.

Prospective clients are cautioned not to hire others who are unfamiliar with the details of the National Flood Insurance Program and the complexities of FEMA requirements to perform such work. Doing so can be unnecessarily costly and extremely so.

Many people seek out a surveyor or engineer to complete a FEMA Elevation Certificate form without fully understanding the purpose, the requirements, or the potential negative ramifications of doing so. Most who want an Elevation Certificate are hoping to remove their homes from the Special Flood Hazard Area. A completed Elevation Certificate form that contains the necessary qualifying data can be used to support this effort. However, it is not always sufficient in and of itself to do so. Conversely, all of the work that can go into fully completing an Elevation Certificate form is not even necessary for a map change request. Moreover, for those properties that do not qualify for removal, an Elevation Certificate submitted to an insurance company with the hope of obtaining a lower insurance rating can actually result in increased cost if the elevation data provided on the certificate is unfavorable (i.e. the structure's floors are below the base flood elevation).