Alaco Engineering is a small, civil engineering firm dedicated to serving its existing clientele in the San Francisco Bay Area, most of whom are located in Alameda County.

Except for flood hazard surveys, including the completion of LOMA requests and Elevation Certificates, Alaco rarely accepts new clients.

If you are not an existing client, but wish to suggest a new project for consideration, send a proposal to the email address below. Only projects whose engineering work (requiring professional certification) exceeds $2,500 are normally considered.

The Alaco office is conveniently located in downtown Hayward across from the Hayward BART Station. It is one block from Hayward's Development Services Dept and one mile from Alameda County's Planning Dept and Public Works Agency. A free shuttle runs weekdays between the Hayward BART station and the County offices.

Alaco is an Alameda County Certified Small Business #09-00099, established in 2008.