• Spreadsheet Macros

Spreadsheet Macros

A macro is a sequence of programming instructions that makes repetitive computing tasks less tedious and less error-prone. A partial list of spreadsheet macros developed and utilized by Alaco is provided below. These macros were not created for public distribution and are only available for use by Alaco staff to more expeditiously serve clients. Log-in to access.

  • Summate data values (such as rainfall depth) over user defined incremental time periods (10-min, 1-hr, 24-hrs, etc.)
  • Evaluate a series of time logged data and delete events that follow too closely in time (for tipping bucket type rain gauge data)
  • Convert NOAA precipitation data from tabular form to columnar form
  • Convert columnized precipitation data to HEC-1 tabular form
  • Convert columnized cross-section data to HEC-2 tabular form