Below are some Alaco housing concepts.

The layouts are simple, relatively small in size and engineered for optimal value. This means that they're efficient in terms of space and materials and, consequently, they're easy and affordable to construct.

The associated cost savings can be a crucial factor in justifying a project's feasibility when attempting to offset the high cost of:

  • real estate
  • surveys (property boundary and/or topographic)
  • possibly required special studies (geotechnical, environmental site assessment, historic evaluation of existing structures, etc.)
  • permit/plan review/inspection fees
  • development fees, park fees, school fees, low income housing fees
  • property dedication / frontage improvements
  • utility hookups / undergrounding requirements / street encroachments
  • tree removal and mitigation
  • regulatory compliance

Alaco does not sell "stock plan" products. Instead, these concepts are templates from which Alaco initiates its service of preparing site specific construction plans.

Permittable construction plans are based on site specific characteristics, such as topography, floodplain, seismic design category, wildland fire interface, etc.

1500 | 50 x 30

3-bed/2-baths in a simple 50-ft x 30-ft rectangle.

1500 | H

3-bed/2-baths with attached accessory room and 2-car garage.

1500 | Offset

Some localities prohibit single plane exterior walls. This arrangement attempts to efficiently satisfy the aesthetic demand for articulated/offset walls.