Design and Construction Standards

While this page is intended to provide a convenient list of relevant and current design and construction standards applicable to S.F. Bay Area projects, the list and the links to other webpages and files may not be fully comprehensive. This is particularly true for privately developed standards that are adopted or referenced by public agencies, but are not freely available. Also, the links or the information found at these links, may not be up-to-date or all inclusive (such as when a standard has recently been revised or amended with more current information posted to a different url address).

Use these links and the information obtained from them at your own risk.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

U.S. Federal Highway Administration

State of California - CalTrans

State of California - 2013 California Building Standards

State of California - 2010 California Building Standards - superseded -

Green Building Standards (also see Green Building Code above)

Utilities - Power

Utilitities - Water/Sanitation

Community Development

Alameda County

If you are aware of a locally applied standard that you think should be included here or if you find what has been included here is incorrect or has a broken link, please let us know.